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Have you ever thought there’s got to be a Better Way?

Feel Like You’re Overpaying For Healthcare Benefits And Getting Less?

Quick Question?

What would benefit your business the most?

  • Save up to 40% on one of your largest expenses.

  • Boost employee retention and productivity.

  • Offer better benefits a low to no out-of-pocket.

We're not what you're used to

Significant Savings

Proven supply-chain strategies that consistently and predictably reduce overall healthcare spend for qualifying businesses from 20%-40%.

Better Benefits

 Quality healthcare and less out-of-wallet creates a competitive advantage for your entire organization with better morale,  productivity, and employee retention.  Better benefits are back end pay raise...

 Aligned Results

As advisers, not brokers were aligned with your results. In fact, we often work alongside brokers and get compensated on performance based on savings.  You don't have to fire anyone.

Backed By Our 10:1 ROI Pledge

We pledge to achieve these results without any reduction in benefits, losing network access to care, or cost shifting to your employees

How are we different?

We Are Advisers That Get Paid for Results,
Not Brokers That Get Commissions Without Results


  • Consults client for best possible results

  • Gets paid on success of outcomes with 10 : 1 ROI

  • Sits on your side of the strategy table

  • No secret kickbacks, commissions, or hidden fees

  • Full transparency from us and your vendors


  • Resells the same retail insurance plans for commissions, thus the definition of Insanity

  • Gets a raise for renewal premium increases

  • Has a built-in conflict of interest

  • Limited Transparency or predictability

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Now, A Few Words From Our Clients

"I don't recall a time in my 40 year career where my employees have ever came up to me and thanked me for their benefits"

Trent B

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Time For Results, Not the definition of insanity

Does Your Business Qualify?

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