Navigating the healthcare system is confusing and complicated. In fact, we think it is meant to be this way. At benaFIX, we provide you and your employees with the tools necessary to steer around obstacles. We believe the the number one problem is misaligned incentives at every link in the supply chain.  When you pay more everyone else makes more.


Truth is, employee benefits are usually a company’s second largest expense next to payroll. Not surprisingly, a huge portion of these over-inflated costs are due to tons of hidden fees including broker commissions, carrier mark-ups, and even unused premiums.


Rather than broker insurance policies for a commission, we advise solutions that align our team with your company’s success.  

Carrier's lack of transparency


Federal and State Regulations


Opaque Pricing


Employee Behaviors 

All of these factors drive up healthcare costs for  businesses and employees. 

Improved Benefits

Drastic Savings
Better Processes
Aligned Interests

New health insurance products and services offer promising cures for what ails the industry. ​


We align our

incentives with yours.


At Benafix, we put our money where our mouth is by putting a portion of our compensation at risk. If we don’t get you results, we don’t get paid. Ask your current agent if they can do this? The answer will probably be that they can’t. This is because they don’t know how or they don’t believe enough in their performance to put themselves

in your shoes. 

"You don't bring an insurance solution to a supply chain problem"


Benafix Testimonials

“ Benafix has helped us offer a cost-effective and quality benefits plan that we view as an integral part of meeting our company’s goal: to be Employer of Choice in our industry.”


Paul C.

Employee Benefits Manager

“Benafix's knowledge and experience has been a vital asset to our company. They have been able to transform our health plan into a plan that is both appealing to our employees and cost effective for our company. They continually conduct thorough analysis of plan design and make sure our company is up to date on the latest trends in health insurance.”


Andrew Commons

Chief Financial Officer

“Working with Benafix has benefited our organization greatly. Their professionalism, expertise and caring have contributed to our success in numerous ways – from health plan evaluation and research to compliance and cost savings. Their customer service and quality of work are outstanding. Their clients are their priority.”


Victoria Pramel

Financial Director