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" I have over 20 years experience in the Group Benefits industry. My primary focus is on helping employers remain competitive in the current employment market. Unemployment rates are at all-time lows which means employers have a real opportunity to differentiate with their employee benefits offerings."

Kevin Lewis has a much different approach to employee benefits compared to what most businesses are used to. Rather than sitting back and pretending to negotiate ‘less-bad’ renewal increases, Kevin can reduce healthcare spend while providing tools and practices that actually increase the quality of benefits.


As a local presence of a national next-generation partnership, Kevin's goal is to help employers eliminate the misaligned incentives and conflicts of interest in the broken healthcare system with the implementation of a fiduciary healthcare supply chain model.

If you are tired of negotiating less bad renewals, continued rate increases year after year, and no strategy to control costs.


It is time to start thinking differently.


What's the definition of insanity?


Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results


-Albert Einstein




Here is what clients  have to say about Kevin:

"Kevin was so impressive, we brought him on board to revitalize our work site benefits division. In a short amount of time he has become an integral part of the organization."


Amanda Moore

Employee Benefits Manager

'Kevin is a rare breed that can easily be admired. While most long time enhanced benefits professionals run from the challenge that is "core" health insurance, Kevin ran towards it more than 6 years ago... To say that Kevin simply embraces this thorough integration, would be a vast understatement - thus, Kevin and his firm are truly the total package and one-stop-shop for all of their commercial clients."


Eric Silverman

EBA Adviser Of The Year

'Kevin is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with and he's got a "giver" personality which makes the folks he networks with and surrounds himself with, that much better.'

Adam Levits

Small Business Owner